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Amy's profile

Amy Q Cooper

Founder & CEO

Amy specializes in Product Design which combines UX and UI Design. She loves the process of solving complex problems and being the bridge between design and development. She is also the VP of Life's Seasons' Board of Directors. Amy naturally digs for the “why” behind problems and believes that truly great design means much more than just making things look nice.

Katie's profile

Katie Jones

Chief Creative Officer

Katie specializes in Visual Design. She transforms people’s ideas into compelling visuals that tell a unique and personal story. Katie’s love for fine art has given her a passion for creating beautiful and accessible solutions. Her fine art skills translate into the digital world, creating truly custom designs. Katie enjoys creating designs that accurately reflect the business and its team.

Michaela's profile

Michaela Valiquette

Chief Business Officer

Michaela specializes in Marketing and Research. She is eager to understand businesses and help them establish a strong brand built on trust. She uses a research-driven approach by leveraging data and user feedback to design customized strategies that create real impact for businesses. Continuous learning and a growth mindset are at the core of Michaela’s values.

Kameron's profile

Kameron Hartman

Full-Stack Developer

Kameron is an independent contractor that specializes in Full Stack Development. He works on everything from websites and apps to software and databases. He has a passion for problem solving and enjoys learning as much as he can. He tackles problems with an open mind, naturally adapting his skills for any platform. Kameron works closely with designers to create pixel-perfect products.

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We believe the digital world should strengthen businesses & their people.

A Women-Owned Product Design Agency

Studio Q was founded by Amy when she discovered that many businesses felt lost when trying to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. Without the proper knowledge, tools, and time, industry-leading businesses became prone to obsolescence. Amy also realized a need for purposeful design. Too often she saw businesses spend money on beautiful yet non-impactful solutions that were just temporary fixes. Businesses were missing the right tools for the right problems.

The company’s owners, Amy, Katie, and Michaela, graduated from the University of Waterloo’s School of Interaction Design and Business. They are passionate about their work and applying research and design thinking principles to create responsive and effective products. Together, they share a genuine pursuit to solve challenging problems by combining data, strategy, and design.

Our Commitments

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Educate to Empower

Navigating the digital world can be confusing. That’s why we care about answering your questions and helping you learn throughout the entire process. After all, we want you to feel confident about using the tools we create and their value, even after our time working together is completed.

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Design with Purpose

It’s important to us that the work we do creates a positive and actionable impact on your business. This means that all our decisions are research-driven and user-centred. To us, good design means more than just making things look nice.

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Collaborate with Engagement

We want you to be a part of the process and share your input and feedback. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop throughout the entire process. It’s important to us that we’re accessible and responsive when you need support both during and after a project.

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Create for the Future

Our products are designed to grow with your business. They’re built to be responsive and consider the ever-changing digital world they live in. In short, our products are designed to help keep your business an industry leader.

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