A diverse team that cares deeply and believes in a bright future, for everyone.

Each person brings unique experiences and skills to the table, allowing us to create products that consider a variety of perspectives.

Amy's profile

Amy Q Cooper

Founder & CEO

Amy specializes in Product Design and acts as a bridge between design, development, and business. She loves the process of solving complex problems and is fascinated by anything tech. Amy is a member of the board for both Life’s Seasons and Children’s Bridge, and recently received the Young Professional OBAA from the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

Katie Jones

Creative Lead

Katie specializes in Visual Design. She transforms people’s ideas into compelling visuals that tell a unique and personal story. Katie’s love for fine art has given her a passion for creating beautiful and accessible solutions. Her fine art skills translate into the digital world, creating truly custom designs. Katie enjoys creating designs that accurately reflect the business and its team.

Amy's profile
Amy's profile

Michaela Valiquette

Research & Strategy Lead

Michaela specializes in Marketing and Research. She is eager to understand businesses and help them establish a strong brand built on trust. She uses a research-driven approach by leveraging data and user feedback to design customized strategies that create real impact for businesses. Continuous learning and a growth mindset are at the core of Michaela’s values.

Kameron Hartman

Development Lead

Kameron is an independent contractor that specializes in Full Stack Development. He works on everything from websites and apps to software and databases. He has a passion for problem solving and enjoys learning as much as he can. He tackles every problem with an open mind, allowing him to adapt his skills for any platform or project he is working on

Amy's profile
Amy's profile

Genesis Bautista

Product Designer

Genesis is an independent contractor that specializes in digital Product Design. She enjoys designing accessible user experiences that take the shape of websites and apps. Often, she creates the prototype and assets developers need to start development. Genesis is fascinated by the way design can impact decision-making. To her, design is a natural intuition that helps her create functional and beautiful products.

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We believe that extraordinary experiences have the power to transform our world for the better.

A Women-Owned Product Design Agency

Studio Q was founded in 2020 by Amy when she realized that many businesses were investing time and money in inadequate digital solutions for their organizations. Amy started Studio Q to bring purpose to digital products, and build ecosystems that provide impactful and impressive experiences.

The company’s owners, Amy, Katie, and Michaela, are close friends that graduated together from the University of Waterloo’s School of Interaction Design and Business.

Everyone brings a unique perspective and skill set to the team which helps create extraordinary experiences for our clients.

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Our Values

Although we’re a team of designers and developers, at our core we deeply care about people. We love learning about our clients’ dreams, goals, and ideas, and using technology to bring them to life. Together, we believe that by uniting the power of imagination with technlogy and good intent, we can build experiences that support human connection, community, and hope.

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Educate with Honesty

Navigating the digital world can be confusing. That’s why we take the time to educate our clients and involve them in our process. We want our clients to feel confident using the tools we create for them which is also why we’re honest when it comes to our recommendations, even if it’s not in our favour.

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Design with Purpose

We want the work we do to create meaningful impact for the organizations we work with because we genuinely believe in their success. We take a purpose-driven approach that involves asking questions, listening, and researching so that our clients feel confident in the work we do together.

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Create for Everyone

We care about amplifying voices that will help improve equity, diversity, and inclusion for all. In all our work, we want to make sure we build accessible experiences and are well-informed about the users we create for. In short, we to contribute to making the physical and digital world inclusive and safe for all.

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Build for the Future

We’re a team of hopeful and actionable dreamers. We are hopeful for the future and know that when we all come together, great things can happen. That’s why we want to make sure we are intentional with our work, making sure it’s contributing to creating a better and brighter future, for everyone.

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