Designing experiences that capture, strengthen, and amplify your story.

In everything we do, we integrate user experience practices to help us design thoughtfully and purposefully so we can create real impact for the organizations we work with.


Strong branding is an essential part of success. This is because it’s a visual representation of your core values and story that regularly interacts with both your current and potential customers. Together, we can make sure your brand stands out, tells your story, and clearly reflects you and your organization.


Work with key stakeholders to draw key themes to develop a strong core message and voice.
• Secondary research & interviews.
• Facilitated working sessions
• Mission, vision, values
• Language & tone of voice

Visual Identity

Use compelling visuals to accurately reflect your organization, and share your story.
• Responsive logo design
• Typography & colour palette
• Icons, graphics, & textures
• Brand guidelines booklet

Animated gif of branding materials: business cards, logos and stamps.
Animated gif of different website screens on mobile, desktop and tablet.

Websites & Apps

Regardless of your industry or business size, we’ll work with you to design a responsive digital product that provides a cohesive and intuitive experience. Our various experiences with different types of platforms means we can help you create the best product for both your short and long term goals.

User Experience Design

Understand your users and how to build the best experiences possible for them.
• Research & surveys
• Interviews & analyses
• Wireframes & testing

User Interface Design

Make your website or app stand out with designs specifically made for the digital world.
• High-fidelity mockups
• Responsive designs
• Micro-interaction designs
• Prototyping & testing


Bring your ideas to life with full-stack development that has you covered front to back.
• Accessibility compliance
• Responsive (mobile, desktop, tablet)
• Custom functions


Effortlessly sell your products or services in a way that makes sense for both you and your customers.
• Online store creation and setup
• Custom shop templates (ex. Shopify & Lightspeed)
• Payment processing integrations

Creative Marketing

Effectively reaching the right audience is important for any organization. Print materials, social media marketing, and strong copy are some of the fundamental elements we can help you with. Together, we make sure that your message is heard and that your products are represented well with compelling visual content.


Pair your message with designs that perfectly match your brand, even from a distance.
• Brochures
• Posters
• Magazines
• Packaging


Stand out from all the digital noise with unique and attention-grabbing content.
• Social media posts
• Newsletters
• Digital visual ads

SEO & Paid Ads

Use keywords an audience stats in organic or paid marketing strategies to get the word out.
• Audience assessment
• Website optimization & meta data
• Google and social media ads
• Copywriting

Animated gif or marketing items: bookmark, magazine, instagram posts and banner

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Our Process

In all the work we do, we follow an iterative and agile approach to ensure efficiency and quality. This allows us to make the most of people’s time, money, and knowledge.

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Understand the problem with thought-provoking questions and research to discover new information and industry gaps.

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Create, prototype, and test products in an iterative process, adjusting features based on feedback from usability testing.

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Build a responsive and dynamic product that is thoroughly tested and ready for your users to interact with and explore.

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Share your product with the world and promote it with optimized marketing strategies and traffic tracking to validate success.

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