September 14, 2021

Attract & Recruit the Right People

If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to attract the right people to your business, you’re not alone. When talent and workforce have such a large influence on the success of your company, no wonder you care! Right now, the demand for skilled workers is high and your stress levels are probably just as high, while you and many of your competitors continue the grand race to attract the best talent. The good news is, if you yield your digital presence well, your future will be bright and you can finally break through the ribbon with your amazing team.

Recently, a small business owner mentioned some of their hiring struggles to my co-workers and me at Studio Q Designs. One of the core issues their team was facing, was that many of the people applying to their positions were too unqualified. In addition, their current staff was frustrated due to how exhausted they were from staff shortages. As a result, the business owner was interested in tips to effectively attract great workers who would fit the company culture and make the current staff feel more supported.

So, here are our tips for businesses looking to attract the right people through the digital spaces:

1. Careers Page

First and foremost, do you have a careers page?

If not, this is a good place to start. Add some of your team information and invite people to apply. Although bios, company history, and office information are important, the most critical component for attracting talent, is displaying your company culture. This helps people see themselves and visualize their success working at your company. How might your company show and prove your great work culture? People are constantly looking for proof and support to validate their reasoning when it comes to making a decision. Maybe you post pictures on Instagram, but have you thought about a small video on your website, or switching up those over-used stock photos!

2. Match the Mindset with the Platform and Device

People have different mindsets and expectations when they interact with each digital space or media.

Understanding which content is appropriate to apply to each of your platforms is essential. For example, you might want to yield Instagram as a way to portray your fun work culture and use LinkedIn for the more professional side, explaining the position. Think of it as select perspectives on your company and brand, organized by digital spaces. Many people also scroll through their phones looking for work, so make sure your website and content are responsive on mobile, so people can open your Call-To-Action anytime.

3. Accessible Design

There are so many talented people who you might not be reaching because your content is not accessible.

This not only makes it hard for talent to find your company but also gives people an unwelcoming first impression of your company along with an unpleasant pre-view of what working for your company might look like. Is your website, user-friendly and abide by accessibility laws? Check out this Accessibility Checklist! On your website and social media streams, this includes ensuring your front is legible, colours are properly contrasted and videos have subtitles. Keep asking yourself; is applying accessible and easy to do?

Hint: Accessible Web Design is a big one! Contact us to learn more 😊

Thanks for reading this article! We hope it helps you get started! Feel free to connect and ask us more about how to make your digital presence more attractive and effective!